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In the past decade, there has been a huge explosion in technology and techniques that involve non-invasive cosmetic procedures. These advancements have led to a shift from hospitals and operating rooms to more comfortable surroundings in a professional doctor’s office. Most of these advancements revolve around facial rejuvenation, non-invasive body sculpting, anti-aging skin care, and skin cancer treatments.

Past treatment options involved injections that modified the muscles and other deep soft tissues of the body, especially the face, without much change in the surface of the skin. Or they involved surgeries to elevate the skin of the face to a higher position, although they did nothing to help rejuvenate the skin. Today, however, technology has changed to ensure that the outer layers of the skin as well as inner layers are treated in all patients in a less invasive way that produces real results.

Exilis is one of the latest technological advancements that offer non-invasive options for many different treatments. Here at Dermatology Esthetica, we offer you the chance to experience what Exilis can do for you.

Exilis is a non-invasive aesthetic device that is used for skin tightening and body shaping. It uses advanced radio frequency technologies to safely transfer heat to the underlying surfaces of the skin (called the dermal layer), which then initiates a process called collagen remodeling. Exilis provides radio frequency skin tightening that denatures out the older, stretched out collagen strands in the area and then is able to line up these strands in a repair process that will provide a more youthful look and feel. When the procedure is finished, Exilis provides a much tighter, smoother, more elastic skin in around 90 days.

When the procedure is finished, Exilis provides a mush tighter, smoother, more elastic skin.

Since Exilis uses radio frequency skin tightening techniques, it is able to use deeper settings and target fatty deposits that are harder to target with other methods of non-invasive body sculpting. These deeper settings utilize the radio frequency’s energy and transfers heat directly to those smaller, harder to reach fatty deposits. It then is able to emulsify the fat, and the body is able to process it out naturally. This means no surgery, no recovery time, and no hard incisions or injections. It is this combination that provides both beautiful results from the deep tissue treatments as well as surface treatments that give more uniform, youthful appearance without laser therapies, liposuction, or invasive surgeries.

If you aren’t ready for surgical facelift or you have had a facelift and simply want to keep those results looking beautiful.  Exilis is the ideal therapy for you. Since the treatments are all done in our offices, they are extremely comfortable and you won’t require any type of anesthesia or overnight stays. Exilis is the premier non-invasive body sculpting technique as is used in the most upscale dermatological offices around the US today.

Exilis skim tightening treatments can be used for a wide variety of services, such as:

  • Non-surgical liposuction
  • Facial skin tightening
  • Non-invasive body contouring
  • And more…

Exilis is also one of the few pain free non-invasive body sculpting treatments out there today. While you might notice the warmth of the radio frequencies, there is absolutely no pain involved, unlike other treatment options. Treatment sessions with our Exilis machine run anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the different treatment areas and treatments are done in one week increments for about four to six weeks. You don’t have to sit out of your normal life once you are done with a treatment either, you can return to work, play, leisure, or anything else that you prefer to do.

Exilis FAQ’s
How long do Exilis treatments take?
Exilis treatments take between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the number of areas to be treated.

How many treatments are in one round of Exilis therapies?
Normally, there are four to six treatments that are spaced out one week apart. Dr. Murphy can tailor a plan for your specific needs.

What do I need to do to prepare for Exilis treatments?
There is not much preparation on the patient’s part, only that you be properly hydrated before your treatments. Dr. Murphy will discuss any requirements and preparations that you need to do before your treatments begin.

Is there anyone that cannot use Exilis treatments?
Women who are pregnant are not eligible for Exilis treatments and neither are those patients that have pacemakers.  Dr. Murphy can discuss other treatment options with you on your visit.

How are the Exilis treatments administered?
During the session, the Exilis computer-controlled device is guided over the treatment area. Patients feel a warm sensation as the Energy is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin. The ability to focus the energy on specific areas at the targeted depth of the penetration makes Exilis a highly effective aesthetic solution. The device engages the cooling system to heat deep tissue as its constant monitoring of the skin’s temperature facilitates a comfortable, even treatment. To favorably influence the upper skin layers, only controlled heating is engaged to redefine loose skin and smooth wrinkles, Thus, the Exilis causes the collagen supporting tissue to remodel, thereby stimulating and strengthening the collagen network to improve skin laxity and texture. All of this is done with absolutely no pain to the patient.

Are there any lasting side effects that I should be aware of?
With Exilis treatments, you may notice some redness of the skin in the treatment area, but this dissipates in just a matter of minutes. No one will know you had anything done!

How long after an Exilis treatment do I need to wait before getting back to normal?
That is the beauty of Exilis, there is absolutely no downtime or recovery involved. You can head right out into the world after a treatment and do anything you feel up to doing.

How quick will I see results?
Many patients will start to notice some skin tightening almost immediately, but the full effect of the collagen remodeling takes around four to six months.


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