We proudly offer many Dermatology Services
While we specialize in Exilis treatments, we do offer a wide range of other wonderful anti-aging skin care to serve any need. Here are some of the other great anti-aging products and treatments that we offer in our offices:

Anti-Aging Dermatology
The effects of aging are a fact of life – but with our full line of special anti-aging skin care treatments, you can turn back the hands of time. Our expert staff of professionals will help you look and feel your best by taking care of your aging in the following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Abdominal area
  • Legs
  • Arm buttocks

We have a wide variety of treatments available including Exilis skin tightening. Are you ready for a younger-looking you smiling back in the mirror? Contact us today for a consultation appointment – we’ll be happy to tell you how we can help.

Botox is used to relax muscles to smooth lines away. Areas that respond the best are frown lines, smile lines around the eyes, bunny lines on the nose.

Chemical Peels
If the surface layers of your skin are damaged, wrinkled, have discoloration, or even if you have skin growths or acne facial scars, a chemical peel procedure performed by our experienced staff may be the right choice for you. It can also help provide a more youthful appearance and is one of the most popular anti-aging products out there today.

Depending on the severity of your skin issues, your skin type, your availability and your desired outcome, we’ll discuss using one of these chemical solutions:

Trichloroacetic acid – best for peels of a medium depth, this takes care of finer wrinkles and blemishes. There is a minimum recovery time from a trichloroacetic acid peel. You’ll see your new, healthier skin in about 10 to 14 days.

Jessner’s peel – this is our lightest and most popular chemical peel, as it requires minimal recovery time. This treatment needs to be done more frequently to achieve the same results as the stronger peels.

Typically, the results are apparent after a day of some flaking or redness of the skin.
There is no anesthesia required, and the entire procedure takes no more than 30 minutes for the Jessner and the tricholoracetic peels.


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